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5 Best Breakfast Cafes & Restaurants in Dubai Tuesday Sep 20 2022

5 Best Breakfast Cafes & Restaurants in
Dubai | The Pointe

Wondering what’s the best way to start your day in Dubai?
Get ready and enjoy the delicious treats with a beautiful view. Breakfast

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Best Cafes to Work in Dubai Tuesday Aug 30 2022

Best Cafes to Work in

Are you working remotely? Are you having difficulty staying focused
and you need a change in scenery to work efficiently? Then maybe

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First Date Ideas at The Pointe Thursday Aug 25 2022

Seven Guinness World
Records in Dubai

Dubai does everything bigger, glitzier, and grander than life.
In fact, many of Dubai's feats are record-breaking. Literally. You may

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First Date Ideas at The Pointe Friday Jul 29 2022

First Date Ideas at
The Pointe

You did it! You finally got the courage to ask that special person
out on a date. All that’s left for you to do is plan it.

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Benefits of Exercising, Staying Fit & Healthy | The Pointe Friday Jul 01 2022

Benefits of Exercising
& Staying Fit

Being healthy is the key to living a life you love. That does
not only include following a nutritious diet; there’s a lot more to

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Wednesday Feb 02 2022

Stay in Style: Keeping Up With Trendy Sunglasses
in 2022

A new year calls for some new trends. As 2021 came to an end,
some fashion trends ended with it, including some sunglasses styles.

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Wednesday Feb 02 2022

Jewelry Trends to Wear
in 2022

Just like fashion changes with every season, jewelry does too.
The jewelry you wear with every outfit can make or break it. You don’t

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Tuesday Oct 19 2021

The Best Asian Food Restaurants in Dubai

Good food, good service, and good vibes, that's right, these
Asian restaurants have got it all. Can you imagine the sushi, noodles,

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Monday Sep 13 2021

Don't Miss Out on The Pointe's Offers This

In Dubai, summer never ends, and good times and tan lines is
what The Pointe is all about. After spending a day at Palm Jumeirah, swimming

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Sunday Jul 04 2021

Fun Things to Do for the Whole Family in

Going to the mall is not only about shopping. Well, you might
take a look at a place here or there, but there's a lot more to do than

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Eid Al Fitr Sunday May 09 2021

Top Things to Do in Eid Al Fitr At The

Eid is a magical time to spend around family and friends. It
is the holy time of the year where we break our fast and bond with our loved

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Wednesday Apr 14 2021

Join Us for Ladies’ Night at The Pointe

Nothing can boost your happiness and bring a smile to your face
more than spending a charming and stress-free night with your favorite

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Tuesday Apr 13 2021

Explore The Best Places for Iftar and Suhoor
at The Pointe

In few days, we will welcome one of the most longed-for months
for Muslims around the world, Ramadan. In this holy month, Muslims practice

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A Scrumptious Breakfast At The Pointe Monday Mar 15 2021

A Scrumptious Breakfast
at The Pointe

There is nothing better than starting your day right with a delicious
and nutritious breakfast. Here, at The Pointe in Palm Jumeriah,

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