Published On: Sunday May 09 2021

Top Things to Do in Eid Al Fitr At The Pointe

Eid is a magical time to spend around family and friends. It is the holy time of the year where we break our fast and bond with our loved ones. Looking for top things to do in Eid Al Fitr in Dubai? Well, there’s no better place to connect with our loved ones other than The Pointe.

The Pointe incorporates a beautiful mixture of retail shops, delicious restaurants, and amazing sceneries. In Dubai’s new waterfront destination, all you need is there! But to truly find fun things to do in Eid Al Fitr at The Pointe we have prepared a small guide for you to choose your preferred activity for this Eid.

Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery of the Palm Fountain

As the Guinness World Record Holder, the Palm Fountain is a true marvel to behold. You can enjoy the beauty of the Palm Fountain from The Pointe where you can enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones. The spectacular shows of the fountain are truly magical and during Eid, they only get better!

Watch a Movie.

You simply cannot enjoy a movie without munching popcorn! That’s why celebrating Eid in the movie theatre hits different. For movie lovers, this is the perfect time to hit the movie theatre and celebrate Eid with popcorn and a soft drink in hand.

Go on an Adventure!

The Yellow Boats is an award-winning watersports, sightseeing, and fishing tour operator that will help you find the adventure you seek. If you’re looking for a more creative way to celebrate Eid, The Yellow Boats at The Pointe is the perfect place to seek out.

Indulge Your Senses with Different Cuisines

One of the great things about The Pointe is that it incorporates multiple restaurants that offer various cuisines. Allow your taste buds to take you on a journey to the other side of the world! The Pointe has many Eid food offers and amazing restaurants that you can try like Meshico, Samakje, Acappella, Argentina Grill, and a lot more!

Shop till You Drop

With all these amazing activities one of the things that you can still do at The Pointe is going on a shopping spree fit for Eid! The Pointe has a unique shopping experience that includes both shopping and service outlets. You can also treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure at Pace beauty salon if you were in the mood. The unlimited choices offered by The Pointe are worth checking out.

Allow Your Kids to Get “Cheeky”

Cheeky Monkeys is an award-winning kids’ play area that will ensure your kids are having a blast during Eid. The safe and stimulating play area is made to allow kids under the age of 8 to play and explore. They can choose from a variety of play areas such as the Interactive Softplay, Monkey Market, Blocks Station, Arts and Crafts station, and more.

Enjoy the Sunshine!

With the outbreak of Corona, The Pointe opened up a new outdoor space for the visitors to enjoy the fresh air and the view of the Palm Fountain. The outdoor space is available for all age groups and is pet-friendly so that your pet can enjoy The Pointe experience as well.

Ready for Eid? So is The Pointe!

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