Published On: Monday Dec 19 2022

The Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Dubai

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Dubai is synonymous with luxury, fine dining, and the crème de la crème lifestyle. With some of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah has become the latest tourist hub in Dubai. It brings you all the things that Dubai is famous for, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

The Pointe houses some of the most luxurious and exotic restaurants, offering a wide range of cuisines and the finest cafes and shopping destinations. This well-renowned destination is beaming with some of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Dubai. The Pointe is also famous for being housed near the Palm Fountain, one of the world's largest musical fountains.

Top Three Factors Drawing Tourists to The Pointe

best mediterranean restaurants in dubai

Before we dive into our selection of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Dubai, 

  • The Palm Fountain is visible from all of the restaurants in The Pointe; this ensures you can enjoy the spectacular view of the fountain while enjoying your delicious meal. Being a musical fountain, you can enjoy a wide assortment of global music with your meal at the fine dining restaurants in The Pointe.

  • The Pointe offers some of the best waterfront restaurants in Dubai. But your choices are not just limited to fine dining restaurants. You can pick a casual dining experience without compromising the quality of the meal or your time spent here. It also houses exclusive fine dining options and the best restaurants in Palm Jumeirah.

  • Who doesn't love a good offer? The Pointe also offers exciting offers and dining deals in all its restaurants and cafes. You can enjoy a coffee or meal with your family or loved ones at one of the most sought-after locations in the world without burning a hole in your pocket.

At The Pointe, the Mediterranean restaurants are unmatched. Dubai’s splendour is coupled with its outstanding fresh fish and diverse cultures. People worldwide have given it the gift of their home cuisine. Here are our favourite Mediterranean restaurants in Dubai.

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The Five Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Dubai

  • Saya - Starting the list of best waterfront restaurants in Dubai with Saya is only fair. From the moment you step into the Saya, you will experience the Mediterranean culture with a colour palette consisting of bright yellows and pinks, metallic copper and gold, terracotta reds, and brown. Enjoy a hearty lunch with the richest Moroccan hummus, or divulge in a decadent dinner with custom desserts and cakes. With the help of some of the best staff, Saya can offer you the best of the Mediterranean cuisine in Dubai.

  • Passaggio - The restaurant has been inspired by the Italian word for 'passage' as it blends the most decadent Mediterranean cuisine with the freshest ingredients. Being situated on the outdoor terrace of The Pointe, the location is perfect for breakfast after a quick stroll across Palm Bay, overlooking the Atlantis. Passaggio is one of the best outdoor cafes in Dubai, offering a wide selection of breakfast options, including the freshest bread and the most exotic desserts.

  • Samakje Dubai - Amongst some of the best fine dining restaurants, Samakje Dubai has taken casual dining to new heights. Being one of the best waterfront restaurants in Dubai, Samakje offers a live counter of fresh fish options to prepare in Mediterranean or Levantine cuisine. Samakje is a two-story restaurant facing the Palm waterfront, offering the best Levantine and Mediterranean food in Dubai. Along with the best dishes and a casual dining experience, it has a fully stocked licenced bar, and backgammon. 

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  • ZRoom - With all-black marble and gold interiors, ZRoom exudes Dubai's premium luxury. This is not just a fine dining restaurant but an experience in itself. It is also the hub for the who's who of Dubai. The restaurant offers extravagant, live, theatrical performances for the diners to enjoy alongside their meal. Along with serving the best Mediterranean cuisines in Dubai, ZRoom also boasts housing two luxurious private rooms for exclusive guests. Guests can enjoy the full view of the spectacle from these rooms, only in a more intimate and extravagant setting. A ZRoom experience isn't complete without its famous black caviar and crab bruschetta.

  • Alaca - Alaca offers authentic Mediterranean food from the ancient regions of Anatolia, with a new inspiring, innovative spin on the same. The restaurant has successfully drawn the lines of imagination in the culinary world by delving deep into the diverse culture of this region, history, and food culture. Alaca has successfully reimagined the cuisine, making it one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Dubai.

Mediterranean Dreams at The Pointe

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Dubai is one of the most happening and luxurious locations, drawing tourists from around the globe. The restaurants mentioned in this list are not only famous for their delectable and world-class Mediterranean cuisine

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