Published On: Sunday Jul 04 2021

Fun Things to Do for the Whole Family in Dubai

Going to the mall is not only about shopping. Well, you might take a look at a place here or there, but there's a lot more to do than just spend money. No matter how old you are, you can enjoy your day at The Pointe doing various activities. There are plenty of fun things to do in Dubai, for you and your family.

Fit Box Gym & Pinpoint Fitness

Gym junkies can enjoy going to one of the two fitness centers available. Both fitness centers are equipped with machines made to strengthen your core and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Fit Box Gym is for boxing, with instructors to guide you throughout the sessions to avoid injuries.

Get weight-training and cardio exercises in a single workout with Pinpoints FitnessCrossFit workout. It's not only for adults but for kids as well (5-13 years). Only 10 athletes are allowed per session to help optimize the training experience.

Restaurants & Food

Are you looking for a fun thing to do in Dubai? Here's an idea, enjoy a meal with your family or friends at The Pointe anytime. Pick and choose from our wide range of dining cuisines, which include:

Don't forget, you can always enjoy a drink afterward from Juiced, Classic Rock Coffee House, or even get ice cream from La Bella Vita.

Fun Things to Do in Dubai for Children

Kids are always looking forward to a day out under the sun or at a play area. There's always something to do in Dubai for kids, and The Pointe doesn't fall behind and provides the following entertainment outlets for kids:

Cheeky Monkeys

Nothing seems better for a child than playing and enjoying a day at an entertainment avenue likeCheeky Monkeys. Children can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, get creative, and sign up for their holiday camps/classes held throughout the year. From trampolines to slides, kids will make new friends while playing at the award-winning entertainment venue. That's not all! You can throw a themed birthday party for your child and their friends.

Reel Cinemas

Whether it's a family day or for a day with friends, people of various ages can enjoy watching the latest movies at Reel cinemas. You might want to forget about the usual popcorn and coke at the movie and instead enjoy a meal made by international chef, Guy Fieri. Pizzas, pasta, healthy salads, and more; they've got it all.

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