Published On: Wednesday Feb 02 2022

Stay in Style: Keeping Up With Trendy Sunglasses in 2022

A new year calls for some new trends. As 2021 came to an end, some fashion trends ended with it, including some sunglasses styles. It’s time to update your collection with the latest trendy sunglasses in 2022. Reframe your day vision with a few trendy sunglass frames that will make or break your outfit this year.

Yet not all sunglass frames are suitable for everyone. That’s why you should find suitable ones for yourself and go out in style in 2022.

The Big Cat-Eye Glasses

You can go big, or go home. The first one on the list of trendy sunglasses in 2022 are the big cat-eye glasses. Don’t leave the house without them; they’re the perfect twist to add to every outfit. The sophisticated oversized silhouettes can be worn every day. No matter what you’re wearing, they’ll complete the outfit and give you some flair. The perfect combination, right?

Clear Frame Sunglasses

This year, you can add almost all sunglass colors to the list of trends. Crystal colors or even a transparent frame will do the trick and keep you in style. The clear frame is timeless and easy to style, but the key is to find a design that suits you. If you’re not obsessed with collecting sunglasses, then that’s the accessory you’re looking for. Minimal fashion is one way to go, after all.

Black or White Sunglasses

It might seem like there’s no spectrum, with black and white sunglass frames on the list of sunglass trends in 2022. White frames are definitely a must-have this season. They’ve been in style since 2021, but the trend is still in this year. Choose your chunky white plastic frame and style it on the go in on the beach or at the mall. It doesn’t matter, because it’s fabulous. On the other side of the spectrum, you’ll find the black frame; it’s classic and timeless. Black on black has been in the fashion industry for a while, and in 2022, they’re adding black sunglasses to give you a mysterious look. Get yours today in any design you love.

Crystal Colored Frames

You can add crystal-colored frames to the latest sunglasses trends of the year. You better get one before the beginning of spring to complement your outfit and give it some edge. No matter which color you choose, crystal frames are easy to style.

Oversized Frames

It’s ‘the bigger, the better’ kind of year when it comes to fashion trends in 2022, that includes your clothes, shoes, and sunglasses. Choose your oversized sunglasses and protect your eyes from all angles while looking extraordinary. The bolder the design you choose, the more fashionable it is. You surely won’t go unnoticed when choosing an intriguing shape and color.

Terra Sunglasses

The first thing anyone would notice in your outfit is the Terra sunglasses if you’re wearing one. These glasses will speak for themselves, thanks to the rectangular shape that you will not be able to resist. You can choose between tortoise or colorful frames depending on what you’re looking for.

The Modern Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators never go out of style. They just changed over the years and became more modern with time. The aviator design was so basic they had to add a twist to it in 2022. Brands have developed these glasses to become chunky and different to become the trending sunglasses for both men and women. It’s usually recommended to wear it with your sportswear when going for a workout.

Tortoise Frames

This year, the tortoise frame is marking its territory on the trendy sunglasses for 2022 list. Every single design and shape comes in a tortoise print, which is why you should get one before everybody else does. Whether it’s round, aviator, or even the terra style, you’ll find one and be combining two trends in one piece. Every year, styles change, sunglasses fall in and out of style just like every other fashion item. If you’re a fashion enthusiast or a sunglasses collector, then it's your chance to set the trend before everyone does. You know what’s in the market and how to style it; all that’s left is a design that’s suitable for you, which you’ll find while shopping. Don’t let sunglasses be the missing accessory from your outfit.

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