Published On: Tuesday Oct 19 2021

The Best Asian Food Restaurants in Dubai

Good food, good service, and good vibes, that's right, these Asian restaurants have got it all. Can you imagine the sushi, noodles, fried rice, crispy chicken, and sizzling beef dishes waiting for you? If you're craving Asian food, we've got the best Asian food restaurants in Dubai at The Pointe.

Explore the list of places you must try next time when visiting us:


Are you craving Asian food? Book your spot at AKA before it gets too crowded. AKA is a Cyberpunk-inspired Japanese-style lounge that some call one of the best Asian restaurants in Dubai. There's good food, exclusive cocktails, and a wonderful atmosphere. Their Asian-inspired menu is full of dishes to share with your family and friends. But all of that is not complete without a little bit of music that redefines the restaurant's concept. So don't miss out on their Sundowner Brunch every Saturday from 6-9 pm. The Brunch consists of a four-course meal to satisfy your Japanese cuisine cravings.
Starting with some light starters and ending it with a delicious dessert done by the AKA team. Drinks price varies between 350 AED and 890 AED.
Other offers include: Don't miss out on the daily offer from 6 till 8 pm; for 400 AED, two people can have a set sushi menu and two glasses of champagne. Ladies, it's your time to shine on Mondays from 6 till 9 pm because AKA is ready to serve a 2-course meal with any starter, sushi, and three complimentary drinks only for 150 AED.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your spot today.

A Cappella

Book today at A Cappella at The Pointe for dinner with a view of the famous dancing fountain and Atlantis. Along with the amazing view comes a one-of-a-kind dining experience consisting of tapas from European, Asian, and South American cuisines. It's a great option for a group with the various items available on the menu and beverages suitable for every mood.

Chalet Berezka

Good vibes and good times are what Chalet Berezka is all about. The restaurant is made for a multicultural audience of Dubai and will satisfy all your cravings. If you're looking for Asian food or anything else, Chalet Berezka won't fail to meet your expectations.
Have your meal under the sparkling lights of Atlantis, with a view of the dancing Palm Fountain. Bring your friends and enjoy the ambiance, the company, and the bright lights of Chalet Berezka. We definitely recommend trying the popular Korean Kimchi.
While it's about family dinners every day, but it turns to a party at night. Drink, sing, and enjoy your time dancing at a restaurant that never sleeps at night. It's time to put your hands up in the air and let go of any chores in your mind and create new memories.
The best part? Every Tuesday, there's a ladies' night that includes unlimited beverages and 30% off on their A La Carte Menu for 99 AED.
Don't forget to bring your inner Monica Geller with you to compete against your friends at the best karaoke in Dubai. You never know who might get the most attention, but either way, you'll feel like a star in the end.

Chuan Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Grab a bite at Chuan Chinese Seafood Restaurant, a hidden gem found on Dubai's Palm Jumeirah Island.
It's a fancy Asian restaurant, and their delicious Chinese dishes await you, with friendly staff and premium service. From China all the way to Dubai, the food will exceed your expectations and might even make it on your 'best Asian restaurants in Dubai' list.
A lot more awaits behind the doors of Chuan at The Pointe.

ZOR Restaurant

For a change in flavor, head to ZOR for an Uzbekistan flavor sent all the way from Central Asia.
The authentic dishes will take you there with every bite. For an unforgettable dining experience, join the ZOR family every Friday from 1 till 4 pm for a 3-course meal.

Mongol Ger

Visit East Asia at Mongol Ger through their extraordinary Mongolian food. From appetizers to desserts, the menu is unique and irresistible.
The buffet is definitely worth it, for a good price you'll get a treat of freshly made oriental food. The secret behind their delicious food is the home-style cooking technique and traditional recipes that will keep you asking for more.

If you're craving Asian food in Dubai, you know where to go; The Pointe has got it all. Not only the best Asian food restaurants but various options to choose from, so is it going to be Mongolian beef, or is it time for sushi? Either way, you'll find it there.

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