Published On: Monday Dec 19 2022

Nine Best Restaurants in Palm Jumeirah


Best Restaurants in Palm Jumeirah - cityscape night view

Ever wanted dinner and a show at Palm Fountain? Enjoy a night out at some of the best restaurants in Palm Jumeirah. The restaurants are beaming with world-class cuisines, authentic cuisines, and a luxurious, fine-dining experience. Even if you’re looking for a casual


Without further ado, here’s our pick of the nine best restaurants in Palm Jumeirah:

Zheng He’s resturant in palm jumeirah

  • Al Beiruti 

 From the moment you step into this urban resto-cafe, Al Beiruti will remind you of its namesake. Its interior, foods, and services all remind you of the city's soulfulness, which is unmistakably Lebanese. 

The ambience of this resto-cafe is fragrant with fresh shisha, which you can enjoy with your friends over a fun-filled afternoon. One of the best breakfast cafes, Al Beiruti is known to have redefined Lebanese cuisine, delighting taste buds across the city.


  • Al Safadi 

 Another great Lebanese or Mediterranean restaurant in Dubai situated in The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah. Unlike the innovative and futuristic restaurants mentioned in this list, Al Safadi will bring you the taste of authentic and traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Being one of the best fine dining restaurants in Palm Jumeirah, Al Safadi boasts of its manakish, shawarma, and barbequed meats brimming with authentic Middle-Eastern flavours. 

restaurant in Palm Jumeirah

  • Cairo 30 

 Located on the top floor of The Pointe, the balcony of Cairo 30 enjoys an unobstructed view of the sea, along with the default view of the Palm Fountain. From 6 PM onwards each evening,  the balcony is often the most sought-after spot. You can enjoy an incredible Palm Fountain show with delightful company and an excellent meal. The wide range of items and the venue have easily made Cairo 30 one of the best waterfront restaurants in Dubai.


  • Fnajeen 

 One of the few restaurants offering foods from varied Mediterranean cultures. The foods available in this restaurant are inspired by Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian cultures.The wide variety of cultures that has inspired the food here also ensures that each item offered on the menu is deeply rooted in history. One unique factor of one of the top restaurants in Palm Jumeirah is that the food prepared here follows the recipe of the food prepared in the temples of the cultures mentioned above.

resturant in Palm Jumeirah

  • Hook & Cook Seafood Restaurant 

 This is specifically for the seafood lover in you. Hook & Cook offers fresh, locally sourced catch of the day to bring you the best local flavours. Within a short period, Hook & Cook Seafood has positioned itself as one of the best fine dining restaurants in Palm Jumeirah


  • Kyo

 Among the sea of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, Kyo acts as a refresher offering contrasting Japanese cuisines. Give your tastebuds a refreshing experience at the Kyo with their carefully prepared sashimi, sushi rolls, and more. The ultra-stylish restaurant with a dazzling interior boasts indoor seating designed in both social and contemporary styles. The impressive outdoor setting has earned Kyo the title of the best outdoor restaurants in Dubai.


  • Rue Royale 

 Do you want to satiate your taste buds with food prepared by Two Michelin Start Chef Mathieu Viannay? Then Rue Royale is the place for you. Inspired by the French culinary arts and fused with the traditional taste of the Middle East, Rue Royale brings you a unique flavour of both cultures. Unlike most restaurants, Rue Royale offers you a signature dining experience. Its chic French interiors have made it one of the best outdoor restaurants in Dubai.


  • The Qasab 

 Bringing you the taste of one of the world's richest and most exuberant cultures, The Qasab specialises in fresh Turkish food. An amalgamation of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European culinary arts, The Qasab offers its famed kebabs, lamb chops, and exotic Turkish desserts. By coupling modern architecture with a rustic interior, The Qasab has created a magnificent atmosphere that is a true reminder of the bygone Turkish era. Being set on the East Side of The Pointe, it has quickly become the top waterfront restaurant in Dubai

souk madinat jumeirah resturant view

  • Social Distrikt 

It may look like a fine dining restaurant from afar, but Social Distrikt is one of the most notable spots within The Pointe. It offers guests from several countries, cultures, and backgrounds the choice of entertainment for the day or night, from offering foods of different cultures to organising social events catering to varied needs. Social Distrikt has become one of the best waterfront restaurants in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah take its entertainment and culinary experience to greater heights. From Cairo 30's balcony and Social Distrikt's cultural melting pot. Some of the best restaurants in Palm Jumeirah are waiting to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Which of these fine spots will you visit next time in Dubai?


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