Published On: Tuesday Jan 17 2023

Best Restaurants for Lunch in Dubai

Sometimes finding the right lunchtime spot is more complicated than you imagine! With tons of options, where does one even begin? Well lucky for you, we've got a sumptuous selection right at The Pointe! Whether you're working in Dubai and looking for a great place to eat lunch, or you're just visiting and want to try some local hotspots, you'll find plenty of fantastic restaurants here. From Middle Eastern favourites to Asian delights, there's something for everyone to indulge in. Here are some of the best restaurants for lunch in Dubai!


Zor Restaurant in Dubai offers a genuinely traditional Uzbek experience. At one of the best restaurants for lunch in Dubai, dine on modernised authentic dishes that take you to the heart of Central Asia and discover Uzbekistan's rich flavours and significant heritage in a cosy setting at The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah.

The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, from delicate salads and rich soups to Uzbek stews and different types of grilled meats. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming - perfect for a lunchtime getaway. Enjoy a delicious meal prepared with ethnic ingredients in a setting where you will always be treated like family. ZOR Dubai is the place to go if you want a hearty lunchtime meal.


Take a lunchtime trip down the Nile this afternoon! Kazoza is an Egyptian restaurant found on the West promenade of The Pointe. While there, you can embark on a street food exploration journey and enjoy some delicious Hawawshi, Kebda, and authentic Pharos Falafel.

This fun waterfront restaurant in Dubai also offers freshly made Fattah and other Egyptian dishes. Stop by and enjoy the rustic setting and hospitality of Kazoza. The perfect place to satisfy your hunger, Kazoza is one of the best restaurants for lunch, not just at The Pointe, but in Dubai!

Rue Royale

At Rue Royale, enjoy sumptuous cuisine prepared by Two Michelin-starred chef Mathieu Viannay. We offer a French dining experience fused with the best Middle Eastern culinary heritage, a creative and surprising combination for a signature dining experience.

Who wouldn't want to have lunchtime like French royalty? You can now at Rue Royale, where the atmosphere is inspired by a French courtyard. Step into a vibrant dining scene combining sculptural and traditional French architecture. Known as one of the best restaurants for lunch in Dubai, explore authentic French culinary arts with an open view of the vibrant and creative kitchen.

Argentina Grill

What's better than an Argentinian lunchtime? Nothing! Argentina Grill is the place to go for a fabulous and fun midday meal. Enjoy authentic Argentine cuisine, influenced by Spanish and Italian cuisine, resulting in a mouthwatering concoction of flavours. With this incredible combination of tastes, there's no such thing as being too indulgent when you can order delicious Asado steaks and more specialties in the middle of the day.

Enjoy this lunch spot in Dubai with a modern Argentinian kitchen, where food is cooked on charcoal using modern grilling technologies to create trendy Argentine cuisine. You can enjoy special events such as the Argentina carnival and football matches at this fun and lively bistro. What makes this spot one of the best restaurants for lunch in Dubai? Make a reservation now for an afternoon culinary journey!


Let your lunchtime become a gastronomic celebration of flavourful Meshico cuisine! Our last spot, Meshico, is known and loved worldwide for its bold flavours, textures, and colours. Taste mild and smoked chilies, sauces, spices, aromatic herbs, and millennial condiments. And don’t worry if you’re the type who wants to only enjoy authentic cuisine - Meshico respects the most sacred culinary traditions passed down throughout generations.

Take a break from your day and enjoy the best Mexican cuisine here in The Pointe. The perfect Mexican lunch spot in Dubai, Meshico offers a variety of dishes such as tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, nachos, and more! At this Mexican restaurant in Dubai, you will have a gastronomic experience for all five senses. There is nothing better than diving into a multisensory lunch time experience!

Delicious Lunch Spots in Dubai

There you have it - our selection of the best restaurants for lunch in Dubai It doesn't matter if you're interested in traditional Uzbek culture, Mexican cuisine, or a place with a waterfront view; there's something for everyone (even the picky eaters).

With this list of the best lunch spots in Dubai, you won’t ever have to think too hard about where to go when at The Pointe. Make it a point to stop by for a delightful lunchtime with friends. You can also spend a wonderful Sunday afternoon here with family. And for those looking for the love of their life, you can ensure a memorable first date here. No matter the occasion, lunch time is always fun here.

Bon appetit!

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