Published On: Tuesday Apr 13 2021

Explore The Best Places for Iftar and Suhoor at The Pointe

In few days, we will welcome one of the most longed-for months for Muslims around the world, Ramadan. In this holy month, Muslims practice more religious activities and join each other for Suhoor and Iftar in an atmosphere filled with intimacy and love.

 At the Pointe, Palm Jumeirah we ensure that you enjoy the true spirit of this blessed month, with many events, offers, and special themed decorations.

Since Ramadan is known for family gatherings on Iftar and Suhoor, our fine array of restaurants and cafés invites you and your loved ones to enjoy unforgettable meals in an enchanting atmosphere filled with laughs and memories.

At the Pointe, Dubai’s breathtaking waterfront destination, we combine several global cuisines that are guaranteed to satisfy all your cravings, with charming and mesmerizing views on the Palm Fountain shows, and the Arabian sea.

To celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan our selection of restaurants and cafés presents many offers on Iftar and Suhoor, that will last for the whole month to grant you, your family, and friends an exceptional dining experience. The offers include the following restaurants:

Beirut Bay

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy charming views over The Palm Jumeirah and The Arabian Sea, and authentic oriental food, then Beirut Bay is the ideal destination for you. This Lebanese restaurant offers a diverse menu that consists of many mouthwatering meals that work for both Iftar and Suhoor from fattoush and spinach fatayer, to meat and cheese sambusik and a variety of grills.
For reservations, please call: 054 343 1888.


Another destination for oriental food, but this time your meal will be made and filled with traditional authentic Iraqi flavors. Celebrating the holy month, Fanajeen provides an exceptional offer on its Iftar menu. You can order from an array of main courses, appetizers, and desserts, for AED 195 per person.
For reservations, please call: 04 589 3300.


Gather with your family and friends and sense the intimate atmosphere of Ramadan at Al-Safadi. Pick from many Iftar favorites including lentil soup, lahem beajine, falafel platter, in addition to various main courses like chicken biryani, shawarma platters, fish sayadiyeh, and more.
For reservations, please call: 600 500 601.

Cairo 30

In case you craved some authentic Egyptian food during your fast, then Cairo 30 would be the perfect place to break your fast in. Enjoy good vibes and indulge in an array of options packed with traditional flavors such as okra casserole with lamb meat, glazed mombar, lentil soup, and more.
For reservations, please call: 04 584 4581.

Ibn Hamido

Head to Ibn Hamido to feast on flavorful and fresh seafood. Choose from a diverse menu that includes many mouth-watering options from traditional entrees like fattoush and tabbouleh to main courses such as mix seafood tajin and stuffed hamour fillet.
For reservations, please call: 04 395 9595.


Kazoza is the perfect place to experience the original Egyptian street food. For Ramadan, Kazoza offers an open Iftar buffet for AED 140 per person, and Suhoor set menu featuring a live cooking cart.
For reservations, please call: 052 699902.

Rue Royale

Enjoy lavish French combinations and flavors with a set Iftar menu including a pastry basket, soup, two cold starters, and three hot starters, one main course, and some Ramadan drinks, only for AED 99. For Suhoor, you can pick from a selection of Ramadan snacks and pastries in the mini Ramadan market. For reservations, please call: 04 241 2828 or 050 575 1361.

Chicago Meatpackers

Craving American hearty food? Then you need to add Chicago Meatpackers to your Ramadan list. Their Ramadan offer features a choice of three appetizers, four mains, and dessert for AED 185 per person.
For reservations, please call: 04 580 7983.

Hook & Cook

Hook & Cook offers you the ultimate seafood dining experience and exclusive Ramadan offers at Hook & Cook in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. The holy month deals include the Sunday Platter with a 20% discount on the fisherman platter, Tuesday Crabs with a 20% discount on the chili or black pepper crabs, and Wednesday Paella with a 30% off on the seafood paella.
For reservations, please call: 04 244 3214.


With breathtaking views over the world’s most famous musical fountain, the Palm Fountain, and mesmerizing vibes Aiza invites you to enjoy a delicious and hearty Iftar with your loved ones. Aiza Ramadan offer features a set menu consisting of pumpkin soup, a choice of three appetizers, Aiza salad, taramosolata, spinach pie, three main courses of your choice, including grilled sea bream, truffle chicken or vegetarian orzo, and a loukoumades for dessert for AED199.
For reservations, please call: 04 575 5097.


Indulge in an array of seafood inspired from Levantine and Mediterranean cuisines, and magical views over Dubai’s the Pointe and Palm Jumeirah. For Ramadan, Samakje offers its visitors a five-course menu, specially curated by Group Executive Chef, Ahmad Alfakier. You begin with your choice of soup, followed by tasty mezzes (appetizers) such as fattoush, hummus, chicken liver with pomegranate molasses, and lamb fattah. The main course features signature sharing dishes, such as kibbeh labaniah and roast lamb shanks with freekeh.
They also offer a special beverage menu including all your Ramadan favorites such as tamarind, jallab, and laban ayran.
For reservations, please call: 04 584 6777.

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