Published On: Tuesday Jan 17 2023

9 Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is a city that loves its seafood. There are plenty of seafood spots, from simple takeaway places to high-end restaurants. If you're looking for the best seafood restaurants in Dubai, look no further – we've got you covered!

Our list includes some of the most popular and renowned seafood restaurants in Dubai, so you can be sure that you're getting the best of the best. Whether you're looking for authentic sushi or a killer ceviche, these nine venues will not disappoint. Read on to discover them all!


Let's start with one of our favourites, bringing in the soul of Mexico - Meshico! This delicious spot is a culinary ode to the bold flavours, textures, and colours that have made Mexican food famous worldwide. To top it off, nothing quite matches their delicious seafood dishes! Enjoy a blend of smoked and mild chillies, sauces, spices, and aromatic herbs, with the freshest seafood you can find in Dubai.


Chinese seafood dishes are unparalleled in their exotic flavour - Chuan Restaurant takes it to a new level. Highly regarded due to its delectable menu, attentive service, and warm atmosphere, this spot is a must for seafood lovers. Since the restaurant is located on the famous waterfront at The Pointe, the name Chuan, which means "a steady and continuous stream that flows forever, finally forming the sea," is a perfect choice. At Chuan Dubai, enjoy mouthwatering oriental specialities made with local, seasonal ingredients at one of the top seafood restaurants in Dubai.

Ibn Hamido Restaurant

Nothing quite matches the taste of seafood caught and made with love. Ibn Hamido Restaurant embodies this, serving some of the best seafood in Dubai. Everything on their menu, from their luscious seafood soups and broths to their fresh and crunchy salads, appetisers, and mains, is prepared with meticulous care and attention to detail. Take your loved ones there for a delightful seafood meal with flavours!

Samakje Restaurant and Lounge

One of the best Mediterranean seafood restaurants in Dubai is none other than Samakje Restaurant and Lounge Located at The Pointe on Palm Jumeriah's waterfront, casual dining is elevated to new heights with a two-story space that blends Levantine and Mediterranean influences to showcase the freshest fish. Immerse yourself in the iconic Mediterranean seaside with the best of Levantine seafood and cuisine, with a display counter stocked with fresh fish options and a menu with a wide range of mezze and mains, sheesha, and backgammon.

Hook & Cook Seafood Restaurant

Hook & Cook Seafood Restaurant is a seafood speciality restaurant where you can indulge in delicious seafood dishes. Step into a classic, nautical-themed interior to enjoy the day's fresh catch from their innovative yet traditional menu items. By using regionally grown produce, meat, and dairy products, they create flavours that are both sophisticated and rich beyond compare - a dedication to seafood that sets them apart as Dubai's premier dining destination. Make sure to catch their daily deals on fan-favourite seafood dishes!


The flavours of ancient Anatolia have landed in Dubai! At Alaca, the limits of what is considered Mediterranean food have been expanded. Eat here and experience originality, purity, and simplicity through their utmost devotion to providing outstanding service and drool-worthy meals. At one of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai, discover a new culinary language that draws equally from the past and future.

Chalet Berezka Social Harbour

Aiming to modernise and elevate traditional Eastern cuisine for Dubai, Chalet Berezka Social Harbour presents a divine taste adventure. Picture yourself enjoying a meal on the terrace of Chalet Berezka while gazing at the dazzling Atlantis. These lights shine brighter with the addition of the pleasant ambience and the flavorful Central Asian cuisine - especially their stellar seafood! Enjoy East-West fusion cuisine, from the ubiquitous kimchi of Korea to the succulent sea bass of Chile, the menu promises many intriguing flavour combinations. A happy life is a string of delicious experiences - so bring your family here for dinner and create new, beautiful memories together.

Under The Culinary Sea

If you're looking for the best seafood restaurants in Dubai, you can't go wrong with The Pointe. Not only does this seaside spot have an impressive range of delicious cuisine, but it also offers stunning views of Palm Jumeirah and a unique dining experience. Whether you're after a delectable lobster bisque or succulent grilled fish, The Pointe has something for everyone. Head to these spots we've listed and experience the top seafood in Dubai - all at the best restaurants in Palm Jumeirah.

Bon appetit!

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