Published On: Tuesday Oct 18 2022

Best Outdoor Cafes in Dubai With Amazing View

Dubai summers can be too hot to handle, but when the temperature drops and the weather becomes pleasant, one shouldn’t miss the chance to enjoy a meal at the outdoor cafes in Dubai. If this sounds like you, we have the perfect outdoor places for you.

From early morning coffee to the late light dinner, Dubai knows how to satisfy someone who loves food. If you are picky about choosing the best cafes or looking forward to having a wonderful experience, check out the best outdoor cafes in Dubai with the amazing views we have listed here.

Dubai’s Best Outdoor Cafes 

1. Saya Cafe

Enjoy your meal at one of the most beautiful photography spots and restaurants in Dubai: Saya Cafe, The Pointe. This pink theme cafe offers the perfect blend of gorgeous outdoors, lip-smacking dishes, and beautiful aesthetics.

Saya cafe is on the ground floor at the Pointe and has outside seating on an open terrace with a stunning view of the Palm Fountain, making it one of the best outdoor cafes in Dubai. Saya's cosy concept offers the perfect setting to enjoy some delicious breakfast, sit down with friends for a hefty lunch or take your date on a romantic dinner

The place has a jaw-dropping aesthetic. From pink blooms, a massive flower wall, a heart wall, pink velvet shell chairs, wrapped pink silk details, and neon quote signs to lights flooding from the ceiling, this place is no less than a fairyland.

If you have never visited Saya Cafe, get ready to try some delicious meals with floral aesthetics.

Timings: 10 am - 1 am

2. Al-Beiruti Seaside 

Taking Beruits culture globally, Al-Beiruti at the Pointe is a perfect place for the best Lebanese cuisine. Unlike other outdoor coffee shops, Al-Beiruti combines the best elements of a restaurant and cafe. When you enter this restaurant cafe, you will experience a homely and authentic Lebanese dining experience.

It ensures perfect Lebanese hospitality through perfectly executed dishes, Beirut theme interiors, and a show kitchen to give a live experience as your favourite dish gets prepared. 

Al Beiruti has something for every time of the day. From a perfect cup of coffee with freshly prepared Mankoushé in the morning, heavy lunches with friends and family, and relaxed evenings with perfectly crafted Shisha by their own Shisha Master.

This world-famous Lebanese restaurant has both indoor and outdoor setups. If you want to dine in a pleasant outdoor restaurant in Dubai with a stunning view, opt for the outdoor seating and enjoy the sight of the famous Dubai Fountain.

Timings: 8 am - 3 am 

3. Al Safadi

Al Safadi is one of the best restaurants located at The Pointe. Known for the best authentic Lebanese cuisine in town, Al Safadi offers a vast range of Arabic dishes, appetizers, and soups. All the dishes are prepared by skilled chefs, ensuring perfection.

With the specialists including shawarma, manakish, barbequed meats, and other traditional middle eastern dishes, it will surely give you a homely feeling. Along with food, they serve the best Shisha in The Pointe. 

Other than the elegant indoor seating, Al Safadi also offers the best outdoor marine seating for outdoor brunch in Dubai, with a stunning view of Atlantis, The Palm and Palm Jumeirah.

Timings: 9 am - 1 am 

4. Kazoza

Located at the West promenade of The Pointe, Kozaza is an Egyptian restaurant. It offers famous street foods, including Hawawshi, Kebda, and Authentic Pharos Falafel. 

As one of the finest outdoor cafes in Dubai, it provides customers with the unique experience of walk-in, dining, and learning about cooking elements and their implementation in Egyptian cuisine. 

Timings: 9 am - 12 am

5. Fnajeen

Located at The Palm Jumeirah, Fnajeen is an Iraqi restaurant with a specialization in the flavours of Mesopotamia. Inspired by the ancient culture of Babylonian, Sumerian, Akkadian, and Assyrian, the Fnajeen menu offers the classic dishes prepared in their temples during ancient times.

They have different variety of Shisha with fantastic cafe outdoor seating and a wonderful view of Atlantis, The Palm. You will also find many different flavours of Shisha alongside Iraqi dishes. For non-smokers and families, the restaurant also has an indoor lounge with luxurious decor. Other than Iraqi cuisine, Fnajeen offers a wide range of Grills, seafood, and sweets. 

Timings: 10 am - 2 am


6. % Arabica

If you are looking for good coffee shops with outdoor seating, head to % Arabica at The Pointe. They offer the perfect blend of the finest coffee from across the globe, combined with the coffee grown at their farm. 

The store uses the Japanese concept and follows a minimalist design to maintain quality and service. % Arabica's use of high-quality coffee beans helps to strengthen its motto - ' See the World through Coffee'.

Timings: 8 am - 12 am


7. Hook and Cook

What if you could look at a restaurant and instantly understand the flavours it will offer? Sounds fantastic, right? Well, that's what you get at Hook and Cook. With a distinctive colour palette of white and blue and an interior designed like a pirate ship, it's one of the best places to have seafood at The Pointe. 

Hook and Cook give you options to dine in a beautiful outside dining area and a luxurious interior. Its vast menu welcomes everyone, which includes a variety of items like soups, keto meals, beverages, grills, snacks, kids special, and a 3-course seafood meal, making it a perfect place for everyone. 

Timings: 11:30 am - 12 am




Dubai offers a wide range of food places with beautiful scenery. But it's hard to find the right one. We hope this article will help you to select the best outdoor cafes with amazing views. 

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