The Pointe lights up this winter with fireworks and live entertainment

Mon Jan 24, 2022


Fireworks and The Palm Fountain shows

Don’t miss out on seven spectacular nights from 24 to 30 January as The Pointe’s night skies light up with fireworks at 9 pm to celebrate the Dubai Shopping Festival.


Taking it one step further, the largest fountain in the world is hosting brand new shows from sunset to midnight including ‘Joker and the Thief’ by Wolfmother to celebrate Australia Day on 26 January, and Xi Qi Yang Yang’ by The Wynners on the occasion of Chinese New Year on 30 January.


Dubai Lights

For a limited time only, The Pointe is featuring two light structures as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival: The Talking Heads and ‘Absorbed by Light’, in partnership with DTCM.



Visitors can enjoy the Talking Heads, created by Viktor Vicsek from Hungary, showcasing two heads having a conversation through the power of light. The spectacular design uses around four thousand LED lamps to show different facial expressions. 


Mirroring society, ‘Absorbed by Light’ is the latest addition to The Pointe by British artist Gali May Lucas in collaboration with sculptor Karoline Hinz. Initially displayed in Amsterdam, the installation depicts three silhouettes on a park bench, all taken in by their cell phones.


Akira & Eklips

The Pointe kicks off its hot line-up of performances and live entertainment for this year with Eklips, a French beatboxing artist that performs music from the greatest French and American rappers solely through beatboxing and Akira Back, a street artist.


Catch the duo’s performances from Friday, 14 January to Sunday, 16 January, from 6 pm to 10 pm.


Delicious food and entertainment

Visitors can also enjoy an exciting line-up of new restaurants and entertaining activities now open as part of Social Distrikt, the experiential food & bar hall venue located at The Pointe. Indulge in delicious meals at Couqley, Luca, Pinsanity, Go Greek, Circle Café, Vigilante, Ichiban Sushi and Juniper accompanied by refreshing drinks, and experience next-level fun with RobocomVR, RAW music store, the one-stop shop for vinyl records, FLTRD, the irresistible fashion store, and Podcast studio.


Pets are also welcome at Social Distrikt.

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