The Pointe, Fitness Hub

Wed Oct 23, 2019

Dubai, together we are stronger.

Join us this Dubai Fitness Challenge 2019. Face your fears and embark on a new journey to fitness and wellbeing no matter your age or fitness ability. Take on this year’s 30x30 challenge with courage and focus alongside others sharing your vision.

Join a solid team of inspirational trainers at The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah from the 23rd to 30th of October. Get ready to experience a new wave of workouts that you will remember forever.

We are here to create, with AdidasHIITBOX, Zumba by MasterJedai, Afro beat dance with Motodancers, Yoga with Yoga Masters, and many more sessions to nourish your mind and body.

Remember, when you become excellent, you become unforgettable. 


Click here to see the Dubai Fitness Challenge Dates and Information.

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