Thu Sep 23, 2021

Saudi National Day

KSA National Day will be celebrated at The Pointe from the 23rd of September to 25th of September with a fountain show taking place every hour from 8pm to 10pm

Cairo 30 and Ibn Hamido ramadan meals offers in The Pointe Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Ibn Hamido

Ibn Hamido is the place for mouth-watering delicacies seafood in Dubai. Enjoy luscious seafood soups, broths, fresh and crunchy salads, appetizers, and mains, everything on our menu is made after careful consideration and with close attention to detail.

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Al Safadi

Traditional Lebanese food in Dubai and a delightfully delicious dining experience. Our specialties include manakish, shawarma, barbequed meats, and many more authentic Middle Eastern dishes that will make you feel right at home.

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Beirut Bay ramadan meals offers in The Pointe Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Beirut Bay

Taste the unique authentic home-cooked experience that includes, creamy Hummus Beiruti, fresh Tawook, and scrumptious Adas b Hamood. Visit Beirut Bay for the best Lebanese dining experience.

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The Kasab serves delectable Turkish cuisine which can be described as a fusion and refinement of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, and Balkan cuisines. The design of the restaurant is both modern and rustic making it a very relaxing and comfortable to experience the taste of Turkey in Dubai.

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Cairo 30

Cairo 30 is an Egyptian restaurant where you can enjoy Egyptian style Arabic food with beautiful views of natural sea, along with default entertainment of The Palm Fountain. Experience the true dolma with its unique texture and taste.

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