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Shrimp Shade

Sun to Thu 11am - 12am

Fri to Sat 11am -1am


Shrimp Shade is the newest addition to The Pointe’s hottest F&B spots. This seafood restaurant in Dubai offers Cajun cuisine including the best shrimps, crabs, mussels, lobster, and more.

Cajun cuisine recipes, known for its spicy notes and heartiness, is a style of cooking that developed in the Southern reaches of the US after Acadian immigrants fled Canada in the 18th century. Inspired by rural French cooking, Cajun cuisine was developed by a population that lived off the land, adapting over centuries of cultural influences and geographical changes.

Aside from hearty Cajun cuisines, Shrimp Shade Dubai also ensures to provide you with a quick service and a unique dining experience, making it one of the best seafood restaurants in Palm Jumeirah.